Pressure tests
Air pressure
Pulsed air pressure with temperature variation:

This test bench produces the specified pressures and temperatures inside the parts, whilst maintaining a different temperature outside the parts.

The test can also be combined with oscillation, e.g. for pipes (linear to-and-fro movement at a frequency of approximately 1 Hz).

Pressure: up to 3 bar relative - internal T°: up to 200°C.

Pressure cycling: this test bench can produce cycles of positive pressure pulses followed by negative pressure pulses, coupled with hot/cold climatic cycles.

Pressure: -900 mbar to +5 bar relative

External air T°: -40 to +150 °C

- Air-tightness: the quality of the sealing can be checked either by an air in air measurement (ATEQ instrument), or by bubble detection (air in water).

Pressure: up to 10 bar
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