Pressure tests
Cycled pressure
The Cycled Pressure Laboratory of SGS SERCOVAM, with its 4 devices, can provide fluids circulation tests by the perfect command of a technology which ensures internal pressure variation and fluid temperature control as the same time.
These tests can be combined with the use of a climatic chamber (temperature + hygrometry control) and/or an electrodynamic shaker (sinus or random signal; from 10 to 2000 Hz) and/or clearance, in case of hoses (amplitude up to 75 mm in low frequency, about 1 Hz).
Features :
- Fluids: oils or water+glycol mix
- Pressure up to 10 relative bars in circulation (in certain conditions : 29 bars without circulation)
-Signals : triangle, trapezoid, sine (as appropriate)
- Fluid temperature : -40°C to +140°C
- External air temperature : -40°C to [+140°C to +180°C] max depending on coupling and installations
- Flow : up to 6000 litres per hour
Examples of tested parts : cooling and oil systems (pipes, fittings, jars, exchangers …), fuel systems (pipes, rails, fittings …)
Non-exhaustive list of standards:
- Cycled pressure only : RENAULT 3404816, RENAULT 320014, PSA B315240, PSA B222820, PSA B273620
- Cycled pressure with vibration : RENAULT 3906206, SAE J400
- Cycled pressure with clearance : RENAULT 3902823, PSA B315530, PSA B226142
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