UV photo-ageing
Xenon arc devices
UV ageing instruments (Weather-oMeter and Fade-oMeter) equipped with a Xenon arc lamp are recognised as being the accelerated ageing instruments that best simulate natural ageing.

Instruments such as the CI 3000 and Xenotest 450 simulate the ageing of products or materials located behind a window (inside a vehicle, products in a shop window, etc. ). Instruments such as the CI35, Xenotest 150S and 1200, SUNTEST etc, are used to perform both indoor tests and simulations of outdoor ageing (radiation + adverse weather conditions).

Refer to the table in the image below for more details about the suitability of the instruments to test methods and types of parts.
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UV tests methods Inside of a CI3000 View of the Cestas UV laboratory View of the Cestas UV laboratory
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