Ever since its creation in 1987, close to major aeronautical and space groups, SGS Sercovam provides the aerospace sector's broad expertise, funded by many studies assigned by the major manufacturers of aircraft and helicopters world, and many OEM partners.

Its sales and support teams are structured to meet your problems with great responsiveness, similar to that required by the automotive market, and offer optimal planning of test.

The variety and volume of its equipment, operated by experienced technicians specialized in testing fields, allow SGS Sercovam to characterize, debug, certify, qualify your materials and equipment according to civilian & military standards / test methods (AIRBUS-AITM / QTP, EADS-IGC RTCA/DO-160, ADET, AECMA ...) (MIL STD, GAM EG 13 ...) or according to your own specifications.

For example, labs can perfom the following tests: mechanical testing, fatigue, vibration, cycled pressure with circulation of fluid, salt corrosion and industrial corrosion (1 to 4 gas), weathering and UV, sensory analysis (olfactory and tactile ), analytical chemistry and numerous tests required for appearance resistance.

Moreover, SGS Sercovam can adapt or create test benches to meet your specific needs.

SGS Sercovam laboratories have been audited by AIRBUS which assigned a quality level of 93%. This audit is a first step in the qualification process, which will be followed by crossover studies organized by AIRBUS.
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