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Rubber testing 07/03/2011
One of several accelerated aging tests conducted by SERCOVAM is the crack resistance of vulcanized rubbers and thermoplastic subjected to ozone , at a temperature of up to 40 ° C (Rubber degradation by ozone). French standard NF T46-019 replaced by an international version ISO 1431-1 (ISO1431-1) describes this type of static strain aging in specimens tested. Other international standards are : DIN 53509-1, ASTM D1149, ASTM D1171.
This test is used for many industrial sectors such as rail (NF F01-281), construction, automotive, footwear … it can check the resistance of rubber floors, seals, hoses, pipes or ducts, shoe soles ...
For the automotive industry, each manufacturer has developed its own standard to describe this type of aging:
- Renault and PSA D47 1100 D47 1100 (D471100)
- GM / OPEL GM4486P (GM 4486P)
- FORD BP101-01 (101-01 FORD BP)
- FIAT 50417
- VOLKSWAGEN PV3305 (PV 3305)
- VOLVO 10273231 (1027,3231)
- NISSAN 28400NDS26
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