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Bath and shower trays (NF EN 14516 et NF EN 14527)
EN14516 and EN14527 standards describe test methods required for bath and shower trays validations, allowing to check cleaning behaviour and durability of products, are performed by SERCOVAM laboratories.
Some dimensional and functional characteristics must be previously controlled. The stability of the floor will be checked with heavy static loads (up to 100 kg). To sous des charges statiques importantes (au-delà de 100 kg). To control the cleanibility , the surface of the tested product is tested with several aggressive chemical fluids according to specific conditions.
Resistance to temperature changing of the shower tray and the bathtub will be validated by using a test device cycling spraying phase with hot and cold water strictly regulated in temperature and flow. After 100 cycles, the possible wear of the tested part will be observed after the cleaning of a eosin solution applied few seconds before.